Six teenagers. An empty shopping centre. No Wi-Fi. And … a baby? In Royals, her new novel for young people, acclaimed author Tegan Bennett Daylight finds out what really happens when there are no adults in the room. With no phones and no internet, Shannon and her new friend group are completely disconnected from the outside world… and their online lives. It’s hard to say whether they’ll be driven to delinquency, or – even worse – forced to make friends irl. Will the limitless bubble tea, Maccas and high-end trainers be enough to keep the six teens satisfied until they can find a way out, or is this the start of something much more sinister?
Royals upends Lord of the Flies and in a suspenseful, character-driven and enthralling story, reveals that surviving in isolation just might bring us closer together.

‘Full of vivid characters, intrigue and genuine warmth … I was hooked from the beginning.’ Alice Pung, author of One Hundred Days

‘A glorious fever dream of a novel.’ Erin Gough, author of Amelia Westlake

‘If Stephen King did The Breakfast Club it might turn out a bit like Royals.’ Kate Emery, author of The Not So Chosen One